Who will be the Next President? by Troy Brown

1 Dec

During the past few weeks the presidential elections have been creating a huge debate among people across the entire country. The 2012 presidential debate was between President Barrack Obama and Governor Romney. Some popular and important questions were asked and the two candidates; the nation watched as the two spoke of their future plans regarding them. Many of these questions were questions that the public was dying to hear about, and the topics were talked about in certain detail. Both men had different opinions on the various topics, however, if I were to judge the outcome of the debate, I would say Romney won.
According to many news stations and public opinion, Romney won. Obama is usually a very smart/smooth speaker, however, he was not as comfortable talking this time on stage. His answers appeared vague and he also seemed to have some holes in his plans or his rebuttals. In my opinion he was not as prepared as he should have been and it definitely showed on stage. Some people still feel that the president won the election, although, many supporters of Obama actually acknowledged the fact that Obama did not win this debate and that he was not at his best.
A credible reason Romney won was because he had the upper hand regarding the amount of time he had to prepare for the debate. Some supporters of the president may make the arguing statement that he did not have time to prepare for this debate because he was busy with the country. Romney had a longer period of time to prepare himself for the debate. And I think that these facts are both true, and it showed during the debate. However, it does not take away the fact that people feel that Romney showed better than Obama. Due to the change of events with the popular vote the elections have become more interesting and close.
I also feel that Romney began taking a more aggressive approach when it came to facts and the reality that the country is not better off right now. And that times have been seen to get tougher as the Obama has been in office.
I am not sure that Romney could do a much better job in office than Obama; its hard to assume how a president will look in the eyes of the American people. However, I think I would be willing to give him a try in office. The world has seen what Obama has had to offer us and his plans have not improved our country. I know candidates have their ups and downs, but I would like to see Romney in office.


Untold Stories of September 11 by Harlie King

1 Dec

On September 11, 2001 Talat Hamdani’s son, Salman went missing. He had gone to work that day, but never arrived. His mother, Talat Hamdani, waited for his call that night but the phone never rang. Soon after the attacks, a flier circulated pointing out that Salman was wanted for questioning. His mother was appalled. When she heard this, she made the assumption that it was because Salman was a Muslim of Pakistani descent.
Salma was a certified E.M.T. and former N.Y.P.D. cadet. Talat Hamdani was not able to understand why someone with this history would even be considered of being involved in these horrific attacks. He had served his country in more ways than one. Salma’s remains were found at Ground Zero in March of 2002. His name was also later cleared of the suspicions of his involvement in the attacks just shy of a year before his remains had been discovered.
After Slama’s death, his father got up and fled the house leaving his mother there alone by herself. Talat Hamdani never saw her husband again. Two years later, she received news that her husband had passed away. Not only had she lost her son, but now she lost her husband as well. Talat Hamdani told a close friend that she had started to give up on everything good in life. Then in May of 2012, Talat Hamdani met with President Obama at Ground Zero. After having a long conversation with the president about her son, she started to see things from a whole different perspective. The president had opened her eyes to a world of peace, in the place of the grief she had been feeling for the past recent years.

Sugary Drinks Link to Obesity by Cristen Lane

1 Dec

Obesity exists as an epidemic throughout the world, including the United States. In response, researchers conduct experiments to demonstrate the correlation between sugary-drinks, such as sodas, and obesity. They conclude that on average, individuals who consume large quantities of sugary drinks weigh more than those who do not. As a result of this data, some individuals blame sugary drinks solely responsible for their weight gain. However, many individuals fail to realize that nutrition and exercise, or lack of exercise to be exact, are two main contributors to obesity. Although sugary drinks increase the likelihood of obtaining obesity, they are not the sole offender.

Studies demonstrate the populations’ lack of education of the consequences of artificial sweeteners. Many products in the market labeled as “sugar-free” are often times sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Subsequently, these artificial sweeteners affect the body with greater negativity than natural sugar. Products with artificial flavors may seem more appealing because the nutrition information reveals fewer calories and lower sugar percentages; however, often times this false advertisement exists as a marketing scheme. As I discussed the topic in AP Biology sophomore year, artificial sweeteners such as Splenda Truvia, aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin incorrectly communicate with the brain. They send a signal to the brain to prepare the digestive system for a large intake of calories, which more times than not exists as a false indication. Because the body cannot register this deceitful signal, it produces enough gastric juices for the expected amount of food. Unfortunately, the gastric juice within the stomach exceeds the consumed material. As a result, the body craves more food and consequently leads to overconsumption. Overall this excessive indulgence contributes to obesity throughout our nation.

In addition to unwanted weight gain, high consumption of sugary drinks and even “diet” drinks (usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners) leads to a greater risk of metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. These side effects lead to greater risks for a heart attack and diabetes.

As a leading link to obesity, eliminating sugary drinks from ones diet will significantly decrease the number of individuals suffering from obesity. In my opinion, companies should list the dangers of their labeled “diet” products which contribute to the poor health of American society. The obesity epidemic proves that individuals lack a nutritional education and therefore remain fooled by falsely labeled “healthy” or “low-calorie’ products. In order to take the steps toward reversing obesity, individuals require an education on healthy lifestyles and the dangers of mystery ingredients.

Planning Your Dreams by Juliet Hilinksi

1 Dec

Every night I am excited to go to sleep, because I love having dreams. I love falling into a fake world your mind creates, and I love having the ability to let your mind guide you through a series of weird, scary, or even fun events. I have herd a lot about different theories of what a dream really is. For example, I have herd that they are recaps of your days. People have also told me that dreams are your self conscious mind trying to tell you what you really want. I honestly can not trust any of those accusations because some of my dreams are a little to crazy for that. For instance, I once had a dream that I went swimming in a pool of hot chocolate with Marry Popins. I am pretty sure I have never done that before, and never want to in the future. I have looked up what dreams are multiple times and even scientists are not entirely sure what they are. I also have always wondered why some nights you can have a dream and sometimes you can not. Dreams are just a subject full of unanswerable questions. People have also told me that if you try hard enough you can control your dreams, so I had to look up that hypothesis. I learned that they have done a study with a thing called a dream journal. A dream journal is just a book where you write down the dream you had that night when you wake up in the morning. It says that you have to write them down right when you wake up and try to write as many details as you can, otherwise it will not work. If you keep this up for about a month they say that you will have the ability to choose your dreams and what happens in them as they go along. I think that this is a cool experiment and I am excited to try it myself.

Culminations by Nicholas Wagenseller

1 Dec

Today, class, we talk about philosophy. Hopefully, this gets your attention. I love to be in a state of mind where my body can rest while being active in use of my mind. As such, I enjoy many things in life, for many things can this action be. I can simply listen to music in the fields, gazing on at the clouds. I also could be reading in a little nook with tea and crackers, warm and safe to enjoy the written words of those who can articulate a grand tale. Finally, it could being playing computer or video games, enjoying stories being performed by characters of either the creator’s or your own design. I enjoy these things because it gives me relief.

Do any other people feel the beckoning call of a hobby or simple way of living? I feel everyone can simply go out and try something new, no matter their origin. You could start doing martial arts or take up ventriloquism, no matter what anyone thinks, so long as you enjoy it. Does everyone feel a connection with the feelings of joy and contentment? This is my quest, to have people find their activities, journeying forth on an explorative traveling only one person alone can follow. Everyone has a purpose, no matter the size, so to you all I say this: chase your inklings, your ideas, and your dreams. You can never be worse off than when you start. You will know that you have tried. No matter if you succeed or fail, it is the effort of trying that is truthfully the greatest goal.

Remember, life is one time only. The overused phrase “YOLO” (you only live once) sums up life. Try and succeed. Try or fail. There is only both options if you try, so go now and discover. Live life to the fullest

Identity Crisis by Naomi Kuitems

1 Dec

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Just when we think we finally arrive at a conclusion about who we are as human begins, yet another curve ball is thrown in our midst and we are forced to make a decision based on who we want to be. The outcome ultimately shapes us into who we are because it displays the true intentions of our heart.

A huge turning point in human phycology was the developmental process of one’s identity in adolescence. There are many questions being raised in adolescents as far as “who am I”? According to James Marcia, there are four identity states that humans take on in his or her lifetime.

The first is “identity diffusion”. This means that the person has no clear sense of self in his or her identity, and is not trying to find one. Often times, when life becomes too complex and busy, children or teenagers will shut down emotionally, and refuse to work at finding their true self. Instead they succumb to a dry, go with the flow nature.

Second, there is the “identity foreclosure”. This means one accepts the identity and values of their parents entirely. Dealing with overly authoritative parents can sometimes present negative outcomes for the child. Since they never were given the freedom to explore their own values and behaviors, they learned to mimic their parent’s identity entirely. Usually, this is done for fear of punishment or abandonment of their parents. This of course is not the only reason for a foreclosed identity, but it may be one of the greatest factors besides their given biological genes.

Thirdly, a person will enter a state of “identity moratorium”. This is the most natural and healthy state of an adolescent before reaching adult hood. It is characterized by a teenager finding their identity through experimentation, or “trial and error”. This is much like trying on many different styles of jeans until finally you find the perfect pair.

Lastly, a human reaches “identity achievement”! They have gone through their identity crisis and have reached a positive sense of self. This is the state which basically depicts a child from an adult because they now know who they are/ who they want to be.

Being More Than a Baseball Player by Jackson McKay

1 Dec

Roberto Clemente is revered as one of the best outfielders of all time. He was known for having superb arm strength as well as unprecedented athletic ability. He had a wonderful career playing for the Pittsburg Pirates from 1955 to 1972. He won four batting titles through out the 1960’s as well as winning a World Series Championship in 1971. Clemente finished his career with a total of 3000 hits and 240 home runs.

Although Clemente was a great player, he is best remembered for the way he lived off the field. Clemente, who was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, was known for the pride he took in his Puerto Rican heritage. At the time during Clemente’s career, Latinos were a huge minority in the United States. Clemente went to great lengths to stand up for the rights of Latinos in the United States. In addition, he took advantage of the financial opportunities that came with being a professional athlete, and donated a lot of money to charities that would help with poverty in Puerto Rico as well as other parts of the Latin American world.

In December of 1972, the season after he reached 3000 hits, Clemente was on his way to Nicaragua to deliver supplies to help those struggling to survive after a devastating earthquake. Tragically, Clemente’s plane crashed before it could reach Nicaragua safely. Clemente died on December 31, 1972. The world mourned over the loss of such an exemplary citizen and baseball player.

Clemente’s humanitarian efforts as well as is baseball abilities did not go unnoticed. In fact, not even a year after the devastating plane crash, Clemente was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Today, each year the Roberto Clemente Award is given out to the baseball player who demonstrates the best off-the-field work. Clemente’s legacy will always be remembered and will continue to inspire professional athletes to help those who are less fortunate than themselves.