Risky Pictures by Sarah Harlin

6 Dec

Will Burrard-Lucas is an extraordinary wild life photographer. He is known for his up close photos of wild creatures in their natural habitat. To capture these images he made a remote controlled traveling camera. He wanted a camera that could take pictures of wild animals up close without getting attacked by them or disturbing the animals peace. I think this is a well-founded idea because no one gets injured in the process.
But, there are minor set backs in the creative invention. Such as; it does not have a fit protection so, the camera can sometimes be destroyed by one of the animals. The contraption is in need of an outer armor to be protected from these wild animals who get too rough with it. In his first trial a lion ran off with the device in her mouth and broke the pricey camera, yet an expensive camera is the price you pay to save your own life.
Burrard-Lucas has also recently decided to make more of these to help other wild life photographers because its such a cut throat business…literally. Which would be efficient because then the photographers would not have to risk their lives to shoot the interesting pictures that they long for. Furthermore, will also benefit PETA’s belief in letting the wild life live in peace in their environment undisturbed.
This new idea is such and easy and productive way to take interesting and unique pictures of animals that we do not generally see of them in their natural habitat. It is also a safer and a secure way for photographers to be intimate with them without actually having to interact with them.


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