Yesterday, Today, Forever by Brenda Castillo

1 Dec

YouTube is a web site for video sharing purposes, but it has become more than that. YouTube has become a community where people meet each other and where they get to make amazing friends. This was the case for the group known as YTF. YTF is a group made up of six, formally seven members; the members include Chester See, Andrew Garcia, JR Aquino, Victor “King” Kim, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, Ryan Higa, and formally Kevin Wu. YTF was formed as a joke, but it quickly escalated to something far greater. These seven guys started encrypting YTF in their videos thinking no one would notice, but as they put these things more often, there fans began to ask questions; these questions where on the lines of what is YTF or what does YTF stand for. YTF was believed to stand for YouTube friends or YouTube family since they where all on YouTube, but everyone was wrong. One day they all started making videos hinting at what YTF was but their fans still didn’t understand the meaning behind YTF. They soon launched a website called explaining what the meaning of YTF was. YTF means yesterday, today, forever: the full quote being yesterday is in the past, today you have a choice, forever is up to you. The interpretation of YTF is yesterday must not be lingered on, today you choose what you want to do, and you have a choice on what path you want to take for the future. This was very meaningful to many of their fans, so YTF decided to give back to them by going on their first ever tour. These seven guys all have different talents, all are unique and special in there own ways, but this group helped create a brotherhood between them.  The loss of Kevin was hard for them because they considered themselves family, but they still went on with the group.  They have there own web show on showing their journey on a west coast tour, and the pressure of pleasing the fans on their very first tour. Something as silly as just putting YTF on there videos for fun caused these seven guys to inquire a huge following on the internet, and is helping them achieve there true passions in life.. This group inspiring others to chase their own dreams and helping them achieve their true passion. The saying yesterday, today, forever, has not only changed there own lives, but the lives of others who follow each and every one of them.


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