Worrying by Karen Urquidez

1 Dec

Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but does not get you anywhere. I came across this quote online that really caught my attention. Why do people worry so much? There is so much we could be doing yet instead we choose to waste valuable time doing something that doesn’t exactly get us anywhere. Some people do however, get driven by their worries. The worry is what pushes them to go on to do the real important things in life.

Is there a bright side to worrying? I don’t think so. Doing it can cause so much stress and stress is not good for us. Stress is a leader in the causes for depression. Frankly in my opinion worrying is pointless and useless. The only good it actually does is little to none.

We walk around every day so full of worries. To be  honest most of the things we worry about are caused by none other than ourselves.  If we learned to prioritize we would be saving ourselves of at least half of our worries. By doing so we would also be cutting way down on our stress. We are the ones to blame for all the pointless worrying.  The worrying doesn’t help. We have to actually get up and do things. Find a problem and fix. How else is anything supposed to get done?

Sometimes other people are to blame though. They remind us of thing we want to forget so then we just start to worry. Or sometimes they involve us in their problems and then without even wanting to we start to worry.  It is caused by us caring too much about the needs of others. Sometimes it is ok to put aside their needs. We care about their problems and forget about our own issues. Then we worry because we forget to do what we need to do. The problem just add up and it all becomes too much to handle. That is when you need to take a step back and close your mind; just think of nothing, clearing your head for a moment.


2 Responses to “Worrying by Karen Urquidez”

  1. Cristen Lane December 2, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    I use to worry a lot. And reflecting back upon it, I realize now that I shouldn’t have worried so much. Life is too short to be worrying about everything all the time because in the end it causes more issues than there needs be.Today it is my goal to reevaluate something before i worry about it, because most likely it’s no big deal.

  2. Paulette Lopez December 3, 2012 at 3:36 am #

    I definitely agree with this article. Worrying does not get you anywhere and I used to worry about the most dumbest things. I think this article is really good and people should consider it as advice. Next time people should think twice about how big the problem is just like the article says and I will do the same.

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