Woman Humiliated at Grocery Store by Andrea Gonzalez

1 Dec
Imagine being so embarrassed with people staring at you, and all you can do is cry. For a woman in Georgia, this nightmare came true. “Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps like you.” That is what a Kroger store manager in Georgia told a woman while she checking out. This woman was so embarrassed because the manager said it so loud that other people in the store could hear him.
            The sales person ringing her up said that $10 of her bill could not be paid with food stamps. They called the manager to help resolve the problem, but the manager eventually got fed up and said “just give it to her.” This woman was so humiliated and embarrassed that she started crying.
            Later, a spokesman for Kroger stated that they were “deeply sorry for the incident and that they value all of our customers.” Trying to uncover more of the story, ABC did an interview with the woman, and they found that she relies on food stamps to provide food for her family. This is because her husband’s carpentry business was not doing so well. They also found out that the woman could not work because she has to undergo 12 hours of dialysis treatment every night for her kidney disease, something she has been struggling with since she was 11 years old. She has been on the list for a kidney transplant for 5 years. She hopes that one day she will have a successful transplant so she can go to college and major in child psychology.
            Once Kroger heard about the story, they later offered her a $15 gift card but the Georgia woman rejected the offer because she does not plan on shopping at Kroger any more. The Georgia woman did acknowledge and state, “They’re just some losers who don’t want to work. That isn’t the case in every situation.” Many people do take advantage of the system, and they sad a bad tone for the others that really need that financial aid, but everyone’s situation is different.

One Response to “Woman Humiliated at Grocery Store by Andrea Gonzalez”

  1. Jonathan Montiel December 3, 2012 at 4:46 am #

    When I was reading your paper, all I could think about was how the employees disrespect this lady. I thought that no matter under any circumstances employees should talk to a customer. I think that your paper was very well written and very informative.

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