Wishes by Georgina Lopez

1 Dec

We all wish for things and find ourselves waiting for those wishes to come true. For example like when we wish something that hurts us never happened or wishing to have something we really want but can’t have. A wish could be a waste of a wish or a waist of thinking about making a wish, because it’s most likely not going to come true. Another example would be like sometimes I wish I could fly even though I know that’s not possible and it’s most likely never going to happen but I still make those wishes because it’s something I would like to be able to do. Why make those stupid wishes that can’t happen? Sometimes I think it’s just for our imagination it makes us have some visual thinking in our brain imagining we could do things or have things. Even if we know something can’t happen we still make those wishes. We have this imagination in our heads since we were kids thinking that maybe some genie in a lamp that could make those wishes happen. I think wishing things is part of our childhood, that’s something we will always have no matter how old we get because we always what things we can’t have or can’t be able to do. Thinking is part of our way of making our imagination think and go wild and making ourselves feel happy by imagining ourselves we could be something we’re not or have something we won’t have. To me wishes will always be those wishes that are just wishes. I don’t think that means to stop wishing because we would lose our happiness and our way the brain is used to working. But wishes will always be just wishes that makes are brains think and function.


One Response to “Wishes by Georgina Lopez”

  1. Amalia Moghadasnia December 3, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    Do not lose hope. Wishing gives people a hint of hope. Although wishing still does seem like a part of your childhood that was left there, it isn’t. Wishing is the reason why a lot of this world is. The Puritans wished for freedom so they moved to America. Then later, the colonists wished for freedom, and they fought oppression. The reason it seems like wishing is just a thing of the past is because now, we have to act in addition to wish.

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