What is the Internet? by Perla Gonzalez

1 Dec

In this conference, Andrew Blum discusses the impact of the internet on an individual’s life. The main questions are: “How could something that is not tangible have such a great impact and if it really isn’t an object, then what really is the internet? Andrew called the internet “a world inside a screen” but unlike the world we walk on, no know really can explain what is consist of Blum tries to make a point that the internet is an inanimate object but yet we consume in the internet.
One day, Andrew’s internet broke, so as anyone else would do he called the cable guy. The cable guy proceeded to follow the cable from inside his room down to the basement and out into the back yard where a collected bundle of cables gathered. While out there, a squirrel ran along the cables like a trapeze. The cable man then said the problem was the squirrel had been “chewing on your internet”. But how could this be if the internet is something you can’t even hold?  If he pulled the cable was pulled out from the wall, would we be looking into some other dimension, but of course the answer is no. So from that point on, Andrew was determined to find out what the internet really is.
Blum studied the internet for two years, trying to figure out the mystery. His conclusion was that the internet is separate buildings all over that contain certain amounts of data. Also, all the internet really can be is a router simply transferring information from websites to another router. Still the connection between routers is still something that is not physical. Suppose someone wants to look up an image of the internet, the only thing that would show up would be people opinions of what this “other world” may look like transferring information back and forth.  So this “object” that everyone finds so key in their lives is really not an “object” at all.


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