Weird Work Days by Lance Hansen

1 Dec

This last Saturday, on the 20th of October I had work as usually do at the Circle K in Garden Grove. I arrive at 2 o’clock my normal time; I work with another man who goes to Fullerton college, his name is Sean. The day started off alright, everything seems to be quite normal and quite slow as no one appeared to have the need for snacks. Sean then took his break as usual, going into the back and eating a Subway sandwich and following with a trip to the restroom. Then tells me he is going to make ice, as always leaving me to operate the register.

The day then continues to move slowly, so out of curiosity I look at the clock to check the time. It reads 1:55. I had already been at work for an hour how is it 1:55! I thought I had arrived at work an hour early and considered my self stupid for being so early. But then I realized the clock had stopped and it wasn’t the true time, it was 2:53. I then continued through my shift with Sean, he leaves at 6 every day.

Now I am just waiting for my next partner to come in shortly after Sean left, I was expecting Javier who usually comes in but he is usually right on schedule. By now 10 minutes had past, that’s not like him. So I was a little curious who was coming but I had no way to find out except to wait. So I wait, I wait, and I wait but there is yet someone to show up, an hour had passed. I start to get a little frustrated, as I needed someone to assist me as it starts to pick up right around 6. So I called my dads girlfriend, who also works at the Circle K to ask what’s up and what I should do. She told me to tell the boss so I did, but I received no reply. It’s around 7:40 now and I am not too thrilled, but someone finally walks in the door, and it’s Josh, so it’s “all good”. At this point I was worried about the cooler being taken care of so I could leave at 9, and I know Josh can handle that.

So we continue to work together, he sometimes goes into the cooler to stock when there were few enough people. Then one of my “usual’s” came in, he always gets 1 can of Tecate beer, and 1 sometimes 2 shots of the cheap Pepe Lopez. It costs about $4.83 total, he handed me a $10 bill and I gave him the change. Then he looked at me weird and said,” I gave you a $20”, but I argued that right away, self assured that he gave me a $10, so I told him, “no you didn’t,  and if you don’t believe me you can talk to my boss and he can check the tapes and he will tell you.” He then continued to hound me and accuse me of cheating him and how he can’t trust me anymore, in front of about 5 other people including Josh. So Josh told him the same thing for me so I didn’t lose my cool and had him right down what happened. I then went to shake his hand to try and leave on a good note and told him,” If I’m wrong, I am sorry”. He said the same thing back, and then left.

At this time I was tired and now paranoid that I might be wrong, but I kept telling myself that I was right and that there was nothing to worry about. But still, again and again I tended to drift on into thought of the subject and amplified my paranoia. But then the next day I went into work and about half way through my shift another one of my usual’s comes in, and ask me what happened with the whole situation yesterday, he was one of the people in the crowd. He then proceeded to tell me that the man was totally drunk and that he could smell it on him, I didn’t noticed cause I was far enough behind the counter. This made my day so much better, reassuring me that I was right and that this man had made a drunken mistake.


3 Responses to “Weird Work Days by Lance Hansen”

  1. Andy Bernbrock December 3, 2012 at 2:50 am #

    Well Pants, I suppose that is a pretty odd day at work. You should probably stop tricking drunk people out of money, but I guess you can’t trust anyone.

  2. Annie LaRue December 3, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    That must have been a frightening experience. There are a lot of crazy people out there so thank goodness that nothing bad happened. Your story enticed me and I wanted to read more. Good job.

  3. Marisa Carter December 3, 2012 at 6:02 am #

    Jeez Pants, I can only imagine how stressful your day was. It is good to know that the bum didn’t make any rash decisions. Great story! 😛

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