weekly reader by:Saraa Hassan

1 Dec

My sisters mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t change them for anything.  I have three other sisters, and no brothers.  Maryam is nineteen and in college, she goes to SCC.  Ayah is a junior here at Foothill and is my twin.  Ayah is two minutes older than me also.  People get confused because I look bigger and taller than her and in a grade higher so people tend to think I’m older.  She’s smaller than me because she didn’t have as much nutrients and milk from my mom when she was in her belly because I took most of it.  So it’s pretty much my fault because I took all of it and that’s why she’s so small.  Amira is my youngest sister who is twelve and goes to Hewes Middle School.  Being in a family of six can be hectic and stressful sometimes.  My dad and mom are mostly working during the week so it’s just my sisters and I at home.  My sisters are always watching out for me and I’m doing the same in return.  They’ve been there my whole life and we’ve had our ups and downs.  We’ve learned from our mistakes and have moved on in our lives.  Our bond together is the strongest bond that I’ve seen than any other siblings I know.  Wherever we are, whether it’s the market, mall, dinner, or in public, we always have fun.  We make everything fun because we just know how and what we laugh at the most. My older sister and I have a strong bond that no one will ever understand.  I love being with my older sister cause she’s a great role model and teaches me the right things in life.  Without her I don’t know where I’d be.  My sisters mean everything to me and if someone were to take them away, I think I’d die.


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