Weekly Paper by Pauline Marquez

1 Dec
Discovering new music and actually enjoying the new tune you discover can change your whole view on your musical taste and the way it reacts in the mood you are in or help you focus on certain activities you are doing.
For example I have been looking up new music and came across instrumental and discovered Beethoven . My first thought was ,” Probably slow music that will end up making me drowsy and falling asleep,or just simply irritated and or bored.” Since I was searching for new music I gave Beethoven Symphony a try to listen to when I was sketching up a drawing. Through out the music I felt myself relaxed and focusing more than I usually do on drawing. The way the music flowing just helped my mind focus and open up to different ideas of drawing. In the end my drawing was by far the best one I have completed . At first I thought it was just all in my head of how music can change your mind in focusing and concentrating more on detail of certain things. So a couple days later I repeated this routine again and found myself creating a piece far more detailed and out there than my previous one. I was happy with my results of my art work and began listening to Beethoven when ever I have a chance to draw something up because the music helps sooth my mind,release loads of stress, and relax me.
In the end I realized how much listening to certain types of music can easily help your mind focus and be more aware of adding certain details in things you are doing. Everyone has different music taste that help them focus more and change there attitude or mood they are in and my kind of music happens to be Beethoven instrumental music.

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