Waterproof for All by Daniel Bobo

1 Dec

Just imagine a world free of water damage to electronics. Water is such a necessity to life, however a deadly element to any electronics it comes in contact with. What if the world is able to waterproof electronics, without a case or a coating that taints the devices feel or appearance. What if I told you this is possible? A company based in Orange County named Liquipel is a vanguard in Nano-technology used to waterproof electronic devices. Nano-technology is the development of microscopic particles that can be chemically engineered to cater to a specific electronic, biologic, and chemical way. The Nano-technology that is behind the company Liquipel is quite simply astounding. These micro particles are super hydrophobic, meaning that they are “water-fearing” they repel water very effectively and are able to essentially protect any object from water, with it’s permeable barrier of Nano-particles. Liquipel has developed a specific process that allows these Nano-molecules to create a complete membrane on the surface of any device. Then using a secret procedure step is able to molecularly bond the Nano particles to the device and to each other creating a single membrane of protections, a process only naturally occurring on the surface of the sun. Basically, one sends in his or her phone into to Liquipel. Liquipel receives it, places it into a vacuumed, airtight container. The Nano-particles are then applied to the device, and then the molecular bonding occurs with a secret procedure. The phone is then taken out and returned to the owner, the molecular and Nano bonding is complete and permanent, leaving no evidence. The idea behind such a breakthrough in technology is astonishing. Not only does the coating last a lifetime because of the molecular bonding, but also the device is able to survive extreme aquatic conditions, even working while completely submerged. The Nano-particles create a barrier in and around the whole device making it completely waterproof. Therefore the age of jumping into the pool with a phone, or spilling water on a phone is no more. Liquipel is revolutionary technology that will change the world of electronics.


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