Trending Ideas in the World? by Tony Hernandez

1 Dec

Many communities around the world have pure entertainment for every individual who follows or is interested. . Many social networks or media like, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Facebook have communities similar to a fan base that have events that are weekly or monthly. Many communities around the world make trending topics. These communities are from different varieties of categories that interest young adults or adults. These genres of communities are gaming, music, or movies and much more. These categories are all the same, but act different in quality or entertainment.

In each category of communities, they trend or spread any specific topic; for example, in the gaming communities, anything trending are the release of an anticipated game. Many video games players enjoy the experience of a release game when it releases at a nearest GameStop, Target, or Wal-Mart. With these games coming out people start trending about it on many related website similarly to a review of the game. Around the world the gaming community is like a family or society that comes from different backgrounds.

There is also a fan based on music, or movie genre. Fans of a prefer director come to hear or watch their finish product. These people create or deliver the music track or movie. These trends spread around the world sporadic like, since they are being posted online. During the summer of 2012, a popular song became a widespread phenomenon. The catchy tune and foolish behavior of the man singing made it the most viewed video today on YouTube. This popular song is called “Gangnam Style”. These posted ideas are being informed to everyone and its being spread its also being re-posted. Not just current events start trending but words that once were dead in the past start to reborn since a popular icon of this generation uses it as a different definition from it once was. As time passes many things start trending from television shows to nice modern apparel; people will follow ideas from anyone and will make the idea last longer. The point is when a large society share anything such as a new trend like, a word, article, or anything it becomes widespread. Like a release of a book if people keep retelling it more people will anticipated for it.


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