The Church of the Last Testament by Annie LaRue

1 Dec

While on YouTube, I came across a short 25 minute documentary called, Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus. It was about a cult in Russia and their leader named, Vissarion, who had a similar resemblance to Jesus. As I watched, I wondered why anyone would want to follow a crazy man with an illegitimate revelation conveniently during the fall of the Soviet Union. This 29 year-old ex-parole officer thought that his revelation was the word of God, and I wanted to investigate further.

In Petropavlovka, Russia, Vissarion started a cult around 1990. It was called The Church of the Last Testament, which was named after a book he had written. The followers believe in aliens, and they approve of suicide. The major things that are not allowed in the community is alcohol, tobacco, meat, drugs, and cussing. The men’s (who are also the masters) main role in their society is to build the house for his family and must have a masculine profession. The women’s role is to be a home-maker and assistant for the men. Girls and boys are also taught separately in school. If the women try to defy this way of living, they will be punished with a "woman’s disease" (meaning health problems) caused from creating disharmony. Followers think of their village as heaven on Earth, while outsiders see the reality of what it all truly is; a dangerous cult. People who go there to visit are warned by their friends and family that they might never return. This is because of the reputation and actuality of brainwashing the Church of the Last Testament has developed. Vissarion also looks like Jesus, which acts as another form of visual brainwashing.

After my research, I have concluded that this cult and "all-knowing" leader acts as a false sense of security. The followers are naively indoctrinated, which leads them to stay involved.


One Response to “The Church of the Last Testament by Annie LaRue”

  1. Andy Bernbrock December 3, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    Thats pretty weird that Vissarion looks like Jesus, I see how that could cause someone who is already desperate enough to be joining a cult to believe him. I really don’t see why any women would want to join the cult if they are immediately viewed as an assistant. This Vissarion fellow must be quite convincing.

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