Terrorists Kill Americans Over a Video by Matthew Norem

1 Dec

After an anti-Islamic video was posted on YouTube, riots started breaking out throughout the Middle East.  At the same time an attack on our US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya claimed the lives of four Americans, one of those deaths was the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Additional deaths included a staff member and two former navy seals.  Though initially our government stated this was also due to the video but most people understood from the beginning this was an unrelated terrorist attack.  Regardless of the actual cause for Benghazi, I decided to watch the video to see what caused such a commotion.  I didn’t know what to expect.  After I watched it, the question I had to ask myself was how could people get so angry over a stupid video that was so poorly made it seemed like a  joke.  It might have gone a little over board but still they could have asked for the video to be taken down instead of resorting to violence.   A lot of people make fun of Jesus Christ but you do not see people rioting over it or even killing people over a mean joke.
The video was in poor taste and  went way overboard but the riots and overreactions to real or perceived insults to Mohammed or the Muslim faith need to stop. This is not the first time it has happened.  I do not believe it will end here as Al-Qaida is calling for more attacks on the U.S.  The western world’s concept of free speech is foreign to many parts of the world.  I’m not certain if this is because media in that part of the world has always been so tightly controlled by the governments or their religion is so in tolerant.  The people don’t understand the concept of free speech. Since concept of free speech is not understood groups such as Al-Qaida which hate the U.S. will use whatever is said to incite more riots.  Blaming the U.S. for the stupidity of a few. Instead of apologizing for what others say American need to help other countries and groups understand that by allowing others to say whatever they want and not overreacting to comments that you do not agree with is one of the greatest freedom you can have,  whether it is to challenge your government or leaders or express opinions about a religion.   Some people will always take things too far.   Regardless of what instigated the attack on Benghazi we need to let terrorist know that we will not just sit around and do nothing while they kill our people. The people that were responsible for this killing need to be brought to justice, preferably by their own governments.  All governments in the area and around the world should step up their protection of foreign embassies in unstable areas. Until things have stabilized, all of our high value people should be pulled out of the Middle East, at least  until the areas can be secured and our U.S. Embassy staff protected.
I have no doubt in my mind the people responsible for the killings will be brought to justice. We should help the governments to educate the people of the Middle East that freedom and especially free speech is important and requires the ability to listen to and understand what others say even if you don’t agree or disagree with what is being said.   Why fight over a video, word or any other perceived injustice.


One Response to “Terrorists Kill Americans Over a Video by Matthew Norem”

  1. Nolan Paladino December 2, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    In America I don’t think we truly understand the deeply seeded hatred for our country. When these types of things happen it reminds me of the liberty that Americans have and take for granted. It’s an under appreciated privilege that we have only because we were born in this country. In regards to the actual attack I do not believe that the video you mentioned had anything to do with the meticulously planned attack on America.

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