Teen Pregnancy by Paulette Lopez

1 Dec

Teen pregnancies have been going on more and more these days. I believe teen pregnancy is not right because people make their decisions and their is always consequences. There are certain circumstances where girls get pregnant without the intention if getting pregnant because they have never had someone there to talk to them about sex. There are girls that want to get pregnant and will do anything to get pregnant. Therefore, I feel that is wrong because some of the girls do not even realize the responsibility they will have to take on once they have a child. Teenagers think it is easy to have a baby, but once they have it they will see how difficult it is to have a child ad will finally realize the big responsibility. Other teenagers think it is right to have sex without protection and then they get surprised when they turn out to be pregnant. I believe it is wrong if they just do things without thinking of the consequences. The only time I think it is all right for a girl to be surprised when they find out they are pregnant is if a girl gets raped. If a girl gets sexually molested and ends up having a baby without wanting one I feel that people and her family should support her. If she has the courage and audacity to actually take care and raise the child without expecting one, then she deserves to be helped with anything she needs. Some teenagers aren’t aware of what can happen and once they find out they are pregnant they start rushing into conclusions on what they are goon to do with the child. They start thinking about adoption or abortion, but mainly abortion because they don’t want anyone to know about their pregnancy, especially their parents. I think pregnancy is a wonderful thing when people know they are responsible enough to have a child and they know and they know they can support the child, too. Other than that I feel that teen pregnancy is wrong because they do not know the difficulty of the responsibilities they will have once they have a child and they wouldn’t know how to support the child either.


One Response to “Teen Pregnancy by Paulette Lopez”

  1. karen urquidez December 3, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    there is way too many teen girls having kids these days. it has become so common. we all know at least one teen girl that is currently pregnant or has been. their lives completely change. a lot of the time the ones that end up pregnant are the ones we least expect it from.

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