Sugary Drinks Link to Obesity by Cristen Lane

1 Dec

Obesity exists as an epidemic throughout the world, including the United States. In response, researchers conduct experiments to demonstrate the correlation between sugary-drinks, such as sodas, and obesity. They conclude that on average, individuals who consume large quantities of sugary drinks weigh more than those who do not. As a result of this data, some individuals blame sugary drinks solely responsible for their weight gain. However, many individuals fail to realize that nutrition and exercise, or lack of exercise to be exact, are two main contributors to obesity. Although sugary drinks increase the likelihood of obtaining obesity, they are not the sole offender.

Studies demonstrate the populations’ lack of education of the consequences of artificial sweeteners. Many products in the market labeled as “sugar-free” are often times sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Subsequently, these artificial sweeteners affect the body with greater negativity than natural sugar. Products with artificial flavors may seem more appealing because the nutrition information reveals fewer calories and lower sugar percentages; however, often times this false advertisement exists as a marketing scheme. As I discussed the topic in AP Biology sophomore year, artificial sweeteners such as Splenda Truvia, aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin incorrectly communicate with the brain. They send a signal to the brain to prepare the digestive system for a large intake of calories, which more times than not exists as a false indication. Because the body cannot register this deceitful signal, it produces enough gastric juices for the expected amount of food. Unfortunately, the gastric juice within the stomach exceeds the consumed material. As a result, the body craves more food and consequently leads to overconsumption. Overall this excessive indulgence contributes to obesity throughout our nation.

In addition to unwanted weight gain, high consumption of sugary drinks and even “diet” drinks (usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners) leads to a greater risk of metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. These side effects lead to greater risks for a heart attack and diabetes.

As a leading link to obesity, eliminating sugary drinks from ones diet will significantly decrease the number of individuals suffering from obesity. In my opinion, companies should list the dangers of their labeled “diet” products which contribute to the poor health of American society. The obesity epidemic proves that individuals lack a nutritional education and therefore remain fooled by falsely labeled “healthy” or “low-calorie’ products. In order to take the steps toward reversing obesity, individuals require an education on healthy lifestyles and the dangers of mystery ingredients.


4 Responses to “Sugary Drinks Link to Obesity by Cristen Lane”

  1. Naomi Kuitems December 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    This is so true. Many people do not understand that diet soda is actually worse for you than regular soda. There are also studies that point to a link between diet soda and Alzheimer’s disease because of the brain trickery involved.

  2. Scott Guyer December 3, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Very well written. A few commas and a apostrophe out of place but besides that looks great. I think its interesting when you said there should be a warning label and how people are tricked by the words “health” and “low calorie” because its so true that people are very ignorant when it comes to health and in this case there ignorance is not a bliss.

  3. Jake Lueck December 3, 2012 at 3:05 am #

    People just don’t realize what they are putting in their bodies and they need to see that they are destroying their bodies with all the weight they are putting on. Yes there are other things that make you fat but soda is drunk so much that I also believe this is one of the leading causing for obesity.

  4. sage rowe December 3, 2012 at 5:30 am #

    Very enlightening and interesting. You explained the process of eating fake sugar clearly. And it is all so true, I do wish they would label the produces accurately. All in all a good article that is well researched.

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