Social Life is Life Abuse by Gio Diaz

1 Dec
Do you ever feel your life is over communicated? I do, I feel like I really don’t need to
know what’s going on at all times on Facebook or on my phone. I feel like it’s more of an
addiction and I won’t be satisfied until I check what so and so said about who knows what.
Nowadays, our generation relies on the internet and social media a lot. It really bothers me that
I have to check my Facebook or Instagram because I now realize that I get no benefit or true
satisfaction from it whatsoever. I make an effort to stay away from my phone sometimes, once
I realize I’m over doing it. I constantly argue with my mom over being on Facebook or texting
my friends too much. She also thinks it’s an addiction and believes that I need to relax
sometimes and take a break from my social life. She couldn’t be any more right, it’s a constant
struggle between keeping up with Facebook, and keeping up with my effort in school. Some
methods I use to stay away from my social networking is working out and blasting some music
or going for a long run. Also, I take my dog out for a walk or play with him for an hour or two.
Sometimes I make something to eat and make dinner for the family. One might not think
they’re over doing the whole “keeping in touch” thing but once they realize that everything
around them is drastically changing, then they’ll snap out of the “social junkie” state. I spend
too much time on my phone, and I don’t need to know what everyone is doing at all times of
the day just to keep me entertained. So the next time you find yourself with the urge to be on
your cell phone or on your laptop, find a blanket and take a lengthy nap or go to the fridge and
make a turkey sandwich.

3 Responses to “Social Life is Life Abuse by Gio Diaz”

  1. Justin Marks December 3, 2012 at 1:02 am #

    Gio, I definately agree that our generation is over communicated. I know that I always am texting or on my phone checking the social media. My parents also feel that I am on my phone too much and do not spend enough time on things that actually matter. However, it is very hard to actually put your phone down especially when you have nothing else better to do.

  2. Daley Turner December 3, 2012 at 4:17 am #

    Gio I definitely agree that life is over communicated with the use of our phones going on Facebook all the time. I believe that it is good to take time off of Facebook or Instagram and focus on school because it is better for you as a person. It is always good to have alternative ways to spend your time like the activities you talked about because it takes you away from the over communicated world.

  3. Marisa Carter December 3, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    I think that Gio made a really good point. People spend far too much time on their phones. It’s always sad seeing people so invested in their phones when they are with other people. Instead of enjoying the company of their friends they would rather read about what other people are doing. I think that everyone could benefit and value the time they spend with their friends more if they weren’t so concerned what others are doing/saying. well said Gio 🙂

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