Sidekicks by Ronald Koertge by Spencer Bowen

1 Dec

In Sidekick, Ronald describes how every sidekick wants to be seen and appreciated as much as the hero does. While a sidekick helps a hero out, he/she never gets the respect they deserve. Koertge said, “More than once, a sidekick has thrown himself/herself in front of our hero in order to receive the bullet or blow meant for that perfect face and body.” This statement shows that the sidekick; who is disfigured, has a deficiency or does not have as much brains as the hero; takes the hit or a fatal shot while the “perfect” hero in left untouched.
The hero or even main character is nothing without their sidekicks or partners, such as; Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Shrek and Donkey, etc. Without Robin, Batman would be disarmed, trapped, tortured and would be tortured most of the time. Without Jerry, Tom would be a lonely cat with nothing to live for, no muse to chase, and no hobby of chasing his best friend around. Without Donkey, Shrek could not have saved Fiona from the dragon and would not be married. A hero without their sidekick is only half the person and savior they should be.


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