Searching For Hope Again by Steven Benitez

1 Dec

Football’s talented quarterback Michael Dwayne Vick was born on June 26, 1980, in Newport News, Virginia. He is the 2nd child of four born to Brenda Vick and Michael Bodies; he was raised in a rough area of his hometown mainly a drug and gang community. Although growing up in a rough neighborhood Vick’s parents pointed him in the right direction and his father pushed Michael to play football. At the age of 3 years Vick received his first football; later in his life Vick would attend Warwick High School. An influence in his life was his coach Tommy Reamon, a former World Football League star. Coach Reamon would push Vick to become a supreme quarterback and that ended up working for Vick. Vick’s talented skills would catch the eyes of the top colleges but caught the attention of Syracuse University. Therefore, Vick would deny the offer to attend Syracuse and preferred to stay closer to home to attend Virginia Tech. Vick would carry his talents to Virginia Tech and in his sophomore year would led them to an undefeated season but sadly would come to an end losing in the national title game. Furthermore, not only was Vick grabbing the attention of NFL recruits but also of MLB recruits. They saw his arm was like a cannon so had hopes of drafting him. Later in the 2000 MLB draft, the Colorado Rockies selected Vick in the 30th round; despite not playing baseball since the age of 14. Vick would decide not to pursue a baseball career; he would decide to enter the NFL draft in 2001 and would be selected number 1 overall by the Atlanta Falcons. As a result he received a $62 million contract by the Falcons; the first big time contract for a NFL rookie. In his 2nd year he would lead the Falcons with his phenomenal talent to the playoffs. Sadly, his fame would come to a collapse in 2007, when Vick was convicted of animal cruelty for having dog fights at a house owned by Vick. He would spend 72 months in jail and suspended from the NFL indefinitely. After serving his sentence the NFL would uplift his suspension and allow him to play; now Vick has the starting job in Philadelphia but his image has been impacted by his off the field decisions. Vick is still trying to rebuild his image by creating Animal Shelters and an organization to help at risk animals.


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