Return of the Throne by Kevin Hayden

1 Dec
Winnie the Pooh had it right when he said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” The history is the days where the University of Southern California won. Tomorrow is an unknown creature, but today was a gift as the University of California Los Angeles deservingly won the football game and took control of Los Angeles. The historic UCLA-USC rivalry took another step today as UCLA prevailed 38-28 thanks to great defense and offense, on top of a bad USC team. In sports, the team that makes the least mistakes wins the games. UCLA took over the game and won the game just like they should have and reclaimed the throne of Los Angeles once again.
            Freshman sensation Brett Hundley passed for 234 yards while throwing a touchdown and running in two. USC counterpart Matt Barkley on the other side choked in his last rivalry game and put up measly stats. I do not think Barkley is the caliber quarterback that people say, because he has not put up consistent solid numbers to receive those praises. While he is a good guy, unfortunately, he dropped his stock when he had two picks and was on the losing team. While the yards per carry average was below USC, UCLA running back Jonathan Franklin made up for it by scoring two touchdowns including one clutch touchdown with 4:02 left pushing the lead back to ten. Another huge contribution came from the special teams unit, who numerously made phenomenal plays even blocking a punt and a field goal, making sure life was a pain for the Trojans. The defense had a solid effort and game as holding USC’s offense to 28 points is no easy feat because of the great receivers for USC, if only they had someone to throw them the ball.

In conclusion, the UCLA football team had a clutch victory over the weak school of USC. While the past has been hard for UCLA the future looks promising. UCLA took a big step forward iin winning the game and defeating the bad guys of LA.


One Response to “Return of the Throne by Kevin Hayden”

  1. Jordan Klein December 3, 2012 at 4:17 am #

    Kevin, I really like how you incorporated a Winnie the Pooh quote in your paper. It truly did get me hooked in to reading the rest of your paper. Also I really wouldn’t call USC a weak school because they lost to UCLA this year. Anyway well written paper Kevin.

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