Republican Stands Toe to Toe with the Liberal Giant Known as Obama on Many Topics too Duke it Out Over This Years Presidential Election by Andrew Miller

1 Dec
This campaign has been that talk of the news shows for the past months. Many people are still voting for Obama even after his not so successful first term. Yet people are willing to give him a second chance to see whether or not he can fix this problem the country is in.
            Obama has not been effective of productive in the past four years. In the last four years Obama has only done a few things. Make a socialistic medical bill, denied construction of the Keystone pipeline, put more people on the welfare wagon and caused the countries debt to rise. Obama is always talking about jobs and how to create them. But the government cannot make jobs that would not be paid for by tax payer money. All this talk about jobs and he shot down a plan which would need a large work force to complete. His idea of having a social healthcare which is forced onto the population and taxed if people do not buy it is just wrong.
            Not all people who are of voting age are on Obama’s side some support republican Romney. Romney unlike his opponent Obama, he has had some more experience in politics as well as the private sector. The opposite side has done none of that and so Obama is lacking in comparison to Romney.
            All in all people need to think about that past. History is used to teach us of past mistakes that people have made. They need to look at the last four years and determine whether they want another term of the luxury known as hope instead of actual effective change

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