Procrastination and Bad Habits by Michelle Knoll

1 Dec

A vast majority of people tend to wait until the last minute to do projects who are mainly young scholars as myself.  But why may you ask that we do this? It’s not like we find it pleasant to wait until the last possible hour to complete all of our assignments.  This bad habit is very stressful and might be a huge reason for so many student drop outs. 

Another inevitable feature that occurs when procrastinating is that the assignments are done incorrectly or are not well done, because of the rush that needs to be put into them as a cause of waiting until the last minute. Everything is done as fast as possible because of the fact that there is so little time where it needs to be completed.  First of all, there are many distractions in our current society we live in now, rather than things they didn’t have twenty or thirty years ago.  For example, media sites such as: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Netflix, and Instagram as well as others are very tempting from day to day life. These sites are now a part of our lives, which is a main source of procrastination.  As we use these sites, time seems to slip by a little bit faster than usual, which causes us to procrastinate. Procrastination is a bad habit that is slowly making its way to everybody and is slowly haunting our academics.

A further problem that is also responsible for the procrastination of students is the Television.  Now, with incredible resolution and so many interesting dramas being produced, many of us have been put on a schedule simply to make sure we don’t miss our new favorite TV show.  Also related to the TV, is video gaming.  More common among boys, this is a big problem and can even over rule the amount of importance of grades are in life, which worsens overall grades.  I think that some kind of course should be initiated in order to show students how to prevent themselves from being distracted and show them the importance of getting good grades throughout school.


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