“Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough” by Julianne Lockhart

1 Dec

The article discusses the issue of thinking negatively and how success does not come solely from a positive mindset.  The writer says that people who think positively generally achieve their goals more often than those who think in the negative.  Most people recognize this statement to be true.  However, the article also brought up the fact that it is much more difficult to maintain a positive attitude than a negative one.  When you fail, it is easy to get down on yourself and difficult to continue looking on the bright side.  The author suggests a few tips on how people can help themselves to stay positive, such as reading motivational books and keeping positive company at all times.

The article says that the reason staying positive is so important is because, “what you focus on will affect your actions.”  This is completely true, because people who are focused on failure are only set themselves up for it.  And those who focus on success are far more likely to achieve it.  The more situations in which you think positively, the more often you are likely to succeed.

The writer says that positive thinking does not guarantee success, and not by a longshot.  This is because you need to take action.  One cannot simply think positively and good will come to them.  They must still work for their goals.  Positive thinking merely makes this task easier, for it provides motivation and something to look forward to.  The article also points out that even if you do all these things, it does not guarantee success, because you cannot always count on being successful every time.  Everyone fails sometimes, but continuing with a positive attitude will only increase your chances of success in the future.  Positive thinking is not everything, but it is the key to achieving goals.


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