Portion distortion that makes America fat? by Leanna Palacio

1 Dec

This article that I have read speaks about some people wanting to sue certain fast food places because it makes them fat in addition Also saying that certain foods can be as addicting as tobacco and cigarettes. Although some people have said in this article that fast food times was not always a problem like it is now, A reader says in the article that back then a trip to McDonalds was more like a treat and a simple small sized meal seemed to be enough at that time. How did the need for fast food become so popular though ? well fast foods marketing strategies definitely took place there. More and more fast food joints were advertizing here and there and most importantly on TVs where people of all ages would be able to see. Not only that but fast food restaurants would lower prices to rear the consumers in. I think it’s the consumers fault even given that advertisements can be brainwashing. Everyone has self-control and by someone who is over weight going and eating fast food more than they should I don’t think it’s the fault of the restaurant because they are only doing what their paid to do and that’s sell more. I also believe that big portions aren’t the problem in most cases because one big portion meal isn’t going to make you gain 5 pounds in a day, it’s the constant intake of high calorie foods that will make you gain the weight over time and that’s the choice of who ever is buying it.  In addition to all of that the problem also is that the consumer thinks they are getting a good price in their meals when in reality almost everything you buy at a fast food place the ingredients to make it are far less cheaper than what we are paying for. Places we go also effect the calorie intake that we consume. For example going to the movies, previews before the movie starts tells you to visit their concession stand for some snacks to eat while watching a movie. It’s all about advertizing and I think over all if the consumer just ignores it and has self control over what he/her eats not many people would have a problem.


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