Pay the Price by Michael Chow

1 Dec

Why do some jobs pay more than others? Certain occupations pay a lot of money in comparison to the rest, but what is it that makes them the most lucrative? I believe the answer involves three main aspects. The first is how many years you study in school before you earn your degree, do you have a bachelors, masters, doctorate, or some type of credential? Second, how high of a position are you in and finally, how much responsibility you have. Two of the highest paying jobs are surgeons and being a CEO.
Surgeons remain one of the highest paying occupations with an average salary of $168,650-$234,950. This job requires four years of both undergraduate education and medical school, and an additional three to eight years of an internship. That has the potential of sixteen years of higher education . It’s also an important and dangerous career, considering how it involves other people’s lives. A lower position in the medical field is a nurse. Their salary is around $66,000 for a starting registered nurse, which means they have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. With only two years of college necessary, the licensed vocational nurse can save time and money from school cost, however their salary is considerably lower than that of a registered nurse.
Being the CEO of a company pays an average of $176,550. This job pays a lot because it is the highest position of a company. CEOs establish goals and plans that will affect the entire organization, which is dangerous since it may cause the downfall of the company. Although the pay is high, there are many disadvantages to the job. Its main disadvantage is complete responsibility. This means the CEO would need to handle marketing, financing, hiring and firing people. This of coarse also leads to very little personal time.
Why do some jobs earn more money than others? Surgeons get paid more than the average nurse or doctor because their job is more dangerous and requires a longer time in school. CEOs make a lot of money too, because they are at the top of the company and carry the responsibilities of it as well. In conclusion, jobs that pay more often require many years of studying, working hard to get to the top, and lots of time and responsibility.


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