My hero by Israel Bolanos

1 Dec

One of my many heroes is Kobe Bryant. Kobe is one of many heroes because he didn’t have an ordinary lifestyle. As a kid he moved from state to state because his dad was in the NBA.His dad was not the best NBA player in the league, so they moved his dad from team to team, so that ment Kobe and his family moved all around the united states.when his dads career was over in the states they moved to Italy and his dad played basketball.that ment that Kobe had to go to school in Italy. Kobe was an outcast when he was in Italy because he did not speak Italian. when his dads basketball career was over they moved back to the united states. when they moved back they moved to Pennsylvania. Kobe went to lower Marion high school, when he attended lower Marion he broke all kinds of records like all time points in high school, he beat one the greatest basketball player of all time wilt chamberlain. after high school he went straight to the NBA and was drafted by the Charlotte hornets and then traded to the Lakers for vlade divacs. many people expected Kobe not to succeed in the NBA because he wasn’t mature or skilled enough, but once they saw him play multiple games they were still skeptical. once they saw him score 81 points they knew he was going too be one of the best that ever played the game.


One Response to “My hero by Israel Bolanos”

  1. Steven Benitez December 2, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Kobe Bryant is also my favorite basketball player. He is such a phenomenal player and has indeed proven himself as a great player since basketball. Not every 17 year old can go from high school straight to the NBA; that proves to people that you can become an elite player. Till this day he has made his resume and proved he is the NBA’s elite player.

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