Music for the First Time by Jherson Fuentes

1 Dec

Many people can’t imagine life without music. Chapman a twenty three year man old has never listened to any sort of music in his life time. When he was just nine months old, his parents sadly found out that their child was born "profoundly deaf" and was given his first hearing aids. His hearing aids assisted with his hearing, but he was never able to hear anything clearly. As Chapman grew up, he saw his friends singing and dancing to their favorite songs and he could only laugh at their frivolous movements because he was bewildered to why music made them move like that. After a couple years later his parents urged him to look into new technology that would help him listen better. Chapman was a little skeptical but agreed to do it. Finally on July sixth Chapman was able to hear his first song: Mozart’s "Lacrimosa". After that experience he had a completely different perspective about music.

Chapman has studied creative writing at Pepperdine University and is a passionate movie fanatic. Thanks to his new ability to hear music he has included that talent in his films by working with some composers on a movie short he shot a while back. Chapman says "it’s ironic because when I shot this short, I never in a million years I would be able to work on a sound track. Now, a few months later, I’m sitting next to my friends, layering different tracks." Now when he sees someone singing along he understands the amazing feeling of going along with the beat of a song. On his recent blog he says that he still enjoys the absence of sound when he turns off his hearing aids because that helps him ponder clearly and peacefully.


One Response to “Music for the First Time by Jherson Fuentes”

  1. Michelle Knoll December 3, 2012 at 6:03 am #

    Music does have a huge impact on people. Everyone enjoys different types of music, but i believe we would all agree that music is important. It is such a miracle that Chapman is able to hear music now and that his perspective on everything related to music has changed.

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