Making a Difference by Justin Marks

1 Dec

The big event in the news this month was about the 2012 Presidential election. As a first time voter, I was torn between the presidential candidates. My parents are Republicans, so their choice is clear. However, I am still undecided. I have enjoyed watching the two debates and I was particularly impressed with Romney’s debate against our current President, Barack Obama. However, the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan seemed to involve a lot of untruths, unnecessary grins, giggles and interruptions. Foremost in my mind is not only the philosophies between the candidates, but what changes need to happen in the next four years to make our country strong again. I realize candidates will make promises during an election which they usually do not keep. But, our country needs to make some drastic changes to ensure our country’s security and financial strength. There has been very little progress within the first term of President Obama presidency and his second term will be similar. As a student entering college within the next presidential term, I would like some assurance that there will be jobs when I graduate. It seems to me that in the past the United Sates has experienced more economic stability when a Republican President was in office. The town hall debate between Romney and Obama was very interesting and extremely informative. My decision was based on clear and concise answers and not on vague rhetoric. It is important everyone vote based on their belief, trust and personal judgment. It was exciting being able to vote and possibly change history and make a difference. I hope everyone realized the importance of this election and took an active role in supporting our country’s direction.


2 Responses to “Making a Difference by Justin Marks”

  1. Julianne Lockhart December 2, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    I love your writing style and found the paper very interesting. I completely agree with everything you said. People should take an interest in these things and make their own decisions based on their opinions and beliefs.

  2. Alex Boland December 2, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    I to was a first time voter this year and I am glad that you took the time to consider both candidates thoroughly. You took the time to watch the deabates and really hear what each one had to say. We have a big responsibitly to vote for the president of the United States and im glad you took it seriously.

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