Magic Words by Sidney Christian

1 Dec
 “In the end, she would use her life to be an example so that others could live.” – Barbara Arrington.  Every person has a story to their life, but whether they use that story to impact other lives, is up to them. In the past, a woman by the name of Barbara Arrington served in the Peace Corps in South Africa.  While speaking to a crowd about AIDS, she met a woman named Angel who ended up being very influential in her life.  Through Angel, Barbara Arrington learned one of her most meaningful life lessons.
            When Angel was in her mid-twenties, she discovered that she was diagnosed with the disease AIDS.  For this being a rather depressing piece of information, Angel had a fairly positive outlook on it.  Angel is a woman built with strength and courage. She has a huge heart to share the story of her life and the story of her disease to young teenage girls. Angel hopes that her story would make an impact on these teenage girls, and desires to warn them of the deadly disease.
            Angel was originally born with the name Mankhu, which translates as ‘death.’  She was told that she had five more years to live, and this was the reason for her urge to share her story. Angel taught Barbara, not only through her words, but through her actions, how to live.  She taught her that Barbara cannot always be worrying about the little things in life, because any problem can be “conquered with courage” (¶ 18).  While serving in the Peace Corps, Barbara Arrington learned an important life lesson through an influential person named Angel.  Even with challenges facing us in life, the world is able to learn how to deal with them using strength and courage.

2 Responses to “Magic Words by Sidney Christian”

  1. Natalie Grimes December 1, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    This is such an inspirational story! Hearing about such positivity in someone who endures such an immense hardship really demonstrates her courage and happiness despite her situation.

  2. Kayla Fredericks December 3, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    Wow Sidney this story is really inspiring. It is a really encouraging and uplifting story to share with everyone. It makes me want to go and share my story with people who might be struggling with the same thing i am. Thanks Sidney!

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