Legos by Tanner Jones

1 Dec

In Billund, Denmark, the current owner of the major toy company, The Lego Group, is a man named Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. That man is sitting on a business goldmine due to his awesome decision making. LEGOS are small cubical pieces that are interlocking and form cooler and enjoyable engineering “toys”. The company started the popular toy line in 1949, and now the industry has evolved into movies, games, competitions, and six theme parks including the closest in San Diego. Legos are an unique toy because they are practically indestructible and have the ability to be used over and over again thus being stronger than most toys. The most fascinating thing about the Lego Blocks in my opinion is that they are a great tool for children to learn and have fun with construction at an early age. In Danish, the word lego translates to “play well” which is a valid name for a toy company. The colorful bricks, mini figures, vehicles, replica buildings all evolved from a simple idea. To me, Legos are a great example for entrepreneurs looking to advance their merchandise. Many other less popular toy companies are solely alive in this market because they create similar pieces of legos and use different names. It is a cool concept that has amounted to much more than most “one hit wonder” toys. Legos has been around now for sixty years and channeled yet another successful Danish company. In the present economy, a lot of Scandinavian countries have produced beneficial goods for Americans. For example IKEA is just another corporation that is succeeding in the American economy. Ultimately, businesses like Lego can benefit the American economy because most products come from China nowadays and is dividing the field for services could be a key factor for the American economic crises. People can actually look at legos as a form of art and a great example for a thriving business. The simple engineering behind the company is basically introducing landscaping to kids around the ages 5-13.


One Response to “Legos by Tanner Jones”

  1. Chris Moe December 3, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    Super good information and well written. Legos are a part of most of our generations childhood and learning how and when and by who they were invented is really interesting. Good job Tanner great essay

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