Learning to Reader by Ray Resendiz

1 Dec

All my life I have always hated the thought of reading and reading itself. Reading, to me, has always been boring, I never found it to be interesting, and it would not be something I would like to do on my spare time. Then this magical and majestic thing happened. My brother owned a book called, Hannibal Rising, and he would always tell me how much of a fantastic book it was but my response was always the same, “I hate reading and if you’re wise you will never mention it to me again.”  I would always see that thick disgusting book lying there on the corner of the desk and I would reminisce to myself, “Why are you here? Why is your existence challenging mine?”  One day, during a long and boring day to myself, I picked up that dreaded book and gazed into for about 3 minutes. As I opened the first pages of the book, the pages sounded as if they were old and rusty. The pages felt as if they were made of old rough leather. I read the inside cover, that explains in a quick summery, and it intrigued my thirst for adventure. As I sat down and began to read the once loathed book, I found myself smiling and mesmerized of the nature and contents of the book. Four hours had passed by and with a sudden realization; I had finished reading the novel. Never had I felt the necessity to read a book in my life. It was like a thirst that not even the seas themselves could quench. I sat in my rugged chair, for a substantial amount of time, pondering of the events that had just taken place, thinking of how exhilarating reading was. A few days past by and I found myself in the last place I would ever dare to tread looking for something that I would never think to search for, a book in the library. I searched and searched for the other series novels, which the author Thomas Harris had written, until I could no longer search. Finally I had found the third series of Harris’ novels, Silence of the Lambs. It took me a week to finish the book and it took me a day to love it. After that faithful day I can now say that I am indeed, a reader.


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