Lakers Head Coach Problems by Jordan Klein

1 Dec
 Mike Brown was the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers for a full season and five games.  Coach Brown was let go by the team on Friday because of the team’s poor start. The reason for the firing was because the team expected to see results right away, and this was not the case. Right now the Lakers are considering three possible replacements for the highly sought after Los Angeles Lakers head coaching job. The three men that are currently in the race for this job are former Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, Mike Dunleavy, and Mike D’Antoni.
            Vice president Jim Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak interviewed Phil Jackson on Saturday for the job. They discussed terms in Jackson’s contract; for example, traveling restrictions for the long road trips the Lakers will endure during the season. Another requirement Jackson wanted was a similar salary to what he made when he decided to call it quits. It’s been said around the Lakers facilities that it is Phil Jackson’s job to loose. As for the other two candidates Mike Dunleavy was interviewed on Sunday for just about an hour and a half. Mike Dunleavy coached the Lakers in 1990-1991 and 1991-1992. Dunleavy also coached the Clippers after his tenure with the Lakers. Mike D’Antoni coached the Phoenix Suns and most recently the New York Knicks where he was fired as he could not get the like of two superstars to play well together. Mike D’Antoni was interviewed over the phone and never received a interview in person with Lakers vice president and general manager. Another name brought up in this head-coaching job is Jerry Sloan former long time Jazz head coach. The head coaching job vacancy is expected to be filled by Monday.

One Response to “Lakers Head Coach Problems by Jordan Klein”

  1. Andre Jones December 3, 2012 at 3:17 am #

    I do not believe the lakes should have let go of Mike Brown. When you ask someone to do a job you must give them sufficient amount of time to get the job done which they did not. By the way they aren’t going to hire Phil. Haha

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