Just For One Day by Marisa Carter

1 Dec

It all started on a lazy Sunday morning. The sun was out but the air was still fresh and crisp. Like every morning, I sat outside on the couch with my coffee. Everything was right. Today was different from every other day though. I hadn’t made any plans, so I was not expecting anything exciting to happen. But, sure enough, my friend Matt called me. Matt is sort of a wild card, no one ever knows what he is going to do next. He told me that he woke up early and had nothing to do; he asked if I would like to go on an adventure with the group. “The group” consists of Evin, Kelsey, Derrick, Nicole, Matt and I. I was a ready for a sweet getaway and by 11 o’ clock we were on the road. Since this was an ‘adventure’ I didn’t bother asking where we were going.

Matt seemed to know the destination and we all just enjoyed the ride. We devoured a box of Krispie Kreme’s, like we do for every adventure. I got lost in the conversation, the music, and soon enough, where we were. I really liked not knowing, it made me curious and actually admire my surroundings. We drove around hills, and Matt brought us to backwoods. We mindlessly followed a trail that twisted and turned with pure greenery. The rhythmic tune of the birds chirping flooded our ear drums and it was so peaceful and relaxing. We explored everywhere, and even though my surroundings looked the same I didn’t feel lost. It was the first time I walked with no destination and felt so confident about where I was going. This adventure was the perfect escape, a break from life, reality, anxiety..everything. All my worries vanished, but it was just for one day.


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