Hurricane Sandy by Gemma Cendejas

1 Dec

Many East Coast residents have been struggling for the last couple of days. They’ve been struggling all because of hurricane Sandy many people have lost their homes and many of their belongings due to the storm. After the storm was over many of the East Coast residents have been without electricity, more than 700,000 homes and businesses were without electricity for the last couple of days. They basically didn’t have any supplies or food due to the storm they couldn’t get any goods or supplies imported. Not only did people on the East Coast face a hurricane disaster, but they’re going to face another storm as well. The East Coast is expecting a snow storm; they basically have to face two storms at once. The New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg know that many people may not have homes and he said that the city is going to find housing for the people that need a place to stay during the storm because temperatures are expected to drop. They have estimated that they will need to find housing for around 30,000 to 40,000 people and are hoping everyone will have a place to stay and most importantly be warm. People were very grateful with the mayor because he was kind enough to help people find a place to stay. The storm is expected not be as destructive as the hurricane was, it shouldn’t do that much damage. About 850 soldiers and 250 vehicles from the National Guard unit from Ohio and many more helped many residents that suffered from the hurricane. The storm had killed more tan 100 people in 10 states, and shut down the power in more than8.5 million homes and businesses, so no one was able to get to work or do anything because of the damage the storm caused. Due to the storm around 20,000 flights got cancelled, they estimate that the damage that Sandy has caused to be around 50 billion which makes Sandy the second most expensive storm since hurricane Katrina.


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