How do you know? by Cynthia Bernabe

1 Dec

Your community has everything to do with how your life develops your family, your friends, and your surroundings.” My parents think I should dress more famine, but what do they know right, they grew up back in the ancient times”(1.03)”I guess in a way I always known I was bisexual, when I was in the first grade”.(1.23)most people would want to believe saying people become gay because they are seeking attention, rebellion against their parents because of the lacking attention. You would read this diary and postulate that’s the case Amanda is just rebellion, dressing “not normal”, all gothic, coming from parents born in the :ancient times”. there have been cases that the child has shown signs of being homosexual since childhood. According to Amanda she has always felt she was bisexual since way back in the first grade. Playing a game where a prince would have to go wake the princess with a kiss, and she expresses she always felt like she wanted to go and wake her up. Others would reckon they are not born with it, it is karma you pass down to your kids, all the mischievous deeds you did in your life.


One Response to “How do you know? by Cynthia Bernabe”

  1. Harlie King December 2, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    I believe that this is true. Most kids grow up with it and parents normally ignore it because they just hope that the child will grow out of it. In some cases this is true but in others, the child grows up to be bisexual of gay.

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