Have a Little Respect by Ruben Gomez

1 Dec
 Nothing looks as disrespectful to me than a person that is too lazy to sand up and say the pledge of allegiance in class. It seems that every year, more students become less and less patriotic and fail to even consider how lucky they are to be an American. According to the generation gap and the 2012 election, only 48% of Americans claim that the United States is the greatest nation, and that young adults are very pessimistic of the future of our country. If you don’t believe that our country has a chance to recover, then it simply does not.
            A nation is built and supported by the people who live in it and there is a direct coloration  between how the citizens feel about their country and how the country stands. For example, if many people feel that our economy will not improve and do not take any action, then chances are our economy will not change. People need to become more aware of their influence on our nation. One of the biggest weaknesses that we have right now is that our opinions are split and no one can agree with each other politically, which only sets us back. We need to consider both ideas and work towards a common goal.
            Younger generations are becoming less patriotic, and this is a serious problem. As a student I have noticed in class that people find it a burden to stand up for 15 seconds and respect their country in front of our flag. Some students along with others are completely oblivious to the sacrifices that others have made for them, and how fortunate they are to even be sitting where they currently are. This is a alarming problem because if students cannot even display a little appreciation for simple things like rights and freedom, then that shows how much they really care about their country and how little they will do to help it.
            Therefore, it should be obvious that we must take a little more time to show students how lucky they are to be a part of a free nation. They must understand what it is like to not be so lucky and learn to appreciate the things that they take for granted. Most students conveniently forget about how their country is free and others simply don’t care. Stand up and repeat the pledge of allegiance, show that you care about the well being of your nation

3 Responses to “Have a Little Respect by Ruben Gomez”

  1. Michael Chow December 3, 2012 at 12:44 am #

    I’ve noticed this too Ruben. In my class the students stand up, but maybe only four out of the forty say the pledge. This was actually the first year i’ve been in a class like this and was immediately shocked by how quiet it was. I agree that we need to show students how lucky they are to live in America.

  2. Matthew Norem December 3, 2012 at 1:49 am #

    Wow just wow! Great article and I have say that I agree with you, it pisses me off too. It amazing that people dont relize how many people have given there time and some even there life for us to sleep peacefully at night or even be able to go to school.

    P.S. you spelled stand wrong you left out t.

  3. perlagonzalez272 December 3, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    I definitely agree that the younger generation takes advantage of what we have. Good paper and nice facts to support it.

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