Global Warming by Isaac Andrade

1 Dec


Debating whether or not it is our fault that Global Warming is occurring is something that scientist are still debating about. Al Gore, who made a documentary called Global Warming The Inconvenient Truth, announced that the debate is over, that we, the people are causing Global Warming and that it’s just not a natural thing. Al Gore claims many things like the growth of sea level will be twenty feet in one hundred years but the IPCC, a group that studies Global Warming and the group that shared a noble prize with the president, claim that our sea level by that time will only raise seven feet to twenty-four inches.  According to Al Gore more Polar Bears are dying because most of the ice is melting which is true most of the ice is melting but Polar Bears are okay, they’re doing fine, they’re population is stable and increasing. The Debate is not over. Scientist, who left the IPCC, says that we might not be the cause of Global Warming that it is just naturally accruing. Climate change has been happening from the beginning of time and that’s how it will always be.
Before I watching this video my beliefs on Global Warming were that we are causing global warming because of all the electricity we use, our population, pollution, and the chemicals that our factories produce. It changed my mind, now I believe that we are not responsible for Global Warming that this climate change is just natural. Credible scientist are spreading the facts about climate change not like the IPCC who limit the public information and have unqualified scientist some of them aren’t even real scientist. They are telling us that we may or may not be the reason of Global Warming. The Government should be less involved with Global Warming. Global warming is just a natural change. This can just be a natural climate change.

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