Farmers Field Officially a Go by Ryan Andrews

1 Dec

Five days after the Los Angeles city council cooperatively approved plans to start the building of the 1.5 billion dollar football stadium in downtown Los Angeles adajcent to the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, councilmember Jan Perry, and AEG president and CEO Tim Leiweke according to protocol signed the implementation agreement Wednesday. “We are a giant step closer to bringing NFL football back to Los Angeles,” Villaraigosa said in a statement. This project means more than a NFL football stadium in Los Angeles. It means creating thousands of new jobs in Los Angeles. On Friday, the city council voted all together to approve the creation of Farmers Field and the modernization of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but the project can not break ground until AEG secures an NFL football team. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell transmitted a memo to all 32 teams in July stating that any franchise engaging to relocate for the 2013 season must apply between January 1 and Febuary 15, 2013, and prove that it has overexerted all energy and effort to remain in its current city. “ Today is a historic day in Los Angeles,” said Perry, whose district includes the area where Farmers Field will be developed. With the deal now certained, the clock starts on a 30-day window for legal challenges, which must be analyzed whithin 175 days, under legislation passed in Sacramento last year with this project in mind. If everything goes acoording to plan, buliders could begin to construct Farmers Field by March 2013. I know that Los Angeles is eagerly waiting for a NFL football stadium and team to come to Los Angeles. Farmers Field is going to be a grandiose, monster stadium with 68,000 seats and it can expand to 78,000 for other events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four. The stadium is supposed to be 1,700,000 square feet with a retractable roof.  Farmers Field can create thousands of jobs in Los Angeles. It was long, difficult process, but sometimes the project of our lifetimes requires that we stay at it and do whatever it takes. For the first time in 15 years we can say that about the NFL returning to Los Angeles. In conclusion, this is a great story about how no matter how long it takes to complete your dreams. Your dreams can be achieved by perservance and focus.


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