Fake Donation Websites for Hurricane Sandy by Cristina La Fornara

1 Dec

Due to the recent hurricane Sandy, there has been much deviation to all the families and business with cries for help all around.  There has been many donations and websites that are helping out the victims for the hurricane but some of them have been investigated as fake. Many of the websites around are having  pay-pall sites where you can spend money and “donate” to help the victims. They are actually scamming the civilians that are trying to help our east coast that is in total devastation. The police are investigating the sites and finding out who is taking in the money from the fake websites. Those who are greedy making these websites, will face serious jail time.
In my opinion, this is very horrific that people are actually taking the money for themselves when people need donations so badly.  It is disgusting that they are being so selfish and rude for taking the donations as use to benefit their selves.  I deeply hope that they find all those people behind the computers making these websites and put them in jail. Its not fair and right to the coast that was hit by this force of nature.  In times of devastation one would only hope that there would honest people to come to the aid.  But we all inhabit the same earth and it is our job to do anything we can to help those effected by natures fury.  My heart goes out to all the victims of hurricane Sandy, and i pray that all the individuals are safe and the others are punished for what they have done.


2 Responses to “Fake Donation Websites for Hurricane Sandy by Cristina La Fornara”

  1. Mauricio Nuutinen December 3, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    It’s so sad how people are trying to gain money at the expense of other people’s misfortune. As a society we all need to be able to come together and try to relinquish a problem or disaster like hurricane sandy. Not to create further problems and devastation for people. Good Job Cristina!

  2. Simone Sanchez December 3, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    It is a shame to think that anyone in this world would be selfish enough to take money from those in need. These heartless individuals took advantage of the poor victims of Hurricane Sandy and they should be punished to the highest degree. As a nation, we are supposed to help each other and build one another up, and it is truly heartbreaking to hear that this happened.

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