Facebook Helps the Government by Zaccary Sweet

1 Dec

I do not think that the crowdsourcing idea would work for our national government. There would be too much diversity in people’s idea on a national level. Our country is too large to take in all of the people’s ideas unlike Iceland who has a small population. I think that it could help produce some ideas but it would also cause more bickering over how the country should be governed. There would also be much larger arguments between two opposing ideas like gay marriage. The idea would possibly work for the state governments though. Since the states are smaller it would be easier to handle all of the ideas. Also most states populations are either democrats or republicans, so in the states there would not be that many opposing ideas that conflict with each other. Each state could also want different things and this would only affect that states policies. Crowd sourcing would work the best in the local governments because people in the same community tend to agree on the same things. The populations are closer to the population of Iceland so it may work just as good. There will be a lot less ideas that oppose each other and more ideas proposed that people would more likely agree with. There would be not as much arguing because most people would have the same ideas for their local government. There would be a lot of similar ideas that would be accepted. overall I do not think that this idea would work out like it did in Iceland.


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