Evan Armstrong

1 Dec

Tension between Israel and Gaza has always been high, but this last week tensions were at an all time high. A surprise attack by Israeli forces killed, Hamas leader, Ahmad Jabari. Gaza was outraged by this attack and the last two days have been filled with air attacks back and forth at each other. Many innocent lives and soldiers have been caught in the cross fire of these attacks and have consequently lost their lives. In the attack that Jabari was killed in, 10 people were killed, including two kids, and 10 critically wounded. It is no secret that these nations are constantly at each other’s throats, but what is unclear is there an end to all this needless bloodshed? They obviously have their differences, but they need to be resolved as soon as possible. Too many times have I personally picked up the paper and read a headline among the lines of Palestinians attacked Israel or vice versa. It makes me sick how there is so much hatred in this world, because when innocent civilians get caught in the cross fire action has to be taken. Yet, it seems none of the so called “super powers” of the world are doing much to end the conflict. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about the US supporting Israel, only because I feel everyone in this conflict is guilty for letting the situation escalate and get out of hand. If no action is taken it is guaranteed there will be more blood spilled whether it’s of soldiers, civilians, or even children there will be more blood. I don’t know if I can support a country who slaughter children in the name of defense. However, this conflict disturbs me, because it comes down to religious conflicts. If these peoples God’s could see what was happening I believe he would be appalled. When fanatics misinterpret religion, they become zealous with their beliefs and wage wars, like so. I do understand Israel has to defend itself, but there are other methods then carpet bombing citizens.


One Response to “Evan Armstrong”

  1. Dan Thomas December 3, 2012 at 3:49 am #

    THis paper is shows a lot about whats going on over seas. yet I believe supporting Israel is a good thing due to the fact we been supporting them for ages since there are always in conflict with the surrounding country. This I believe makes them a key allie if any major conflict broke out in the world since they are well trained and are supplied with are weapons making them prime to be on our side.

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