Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind by Adriana Santos

1 Dec

If there was a procedure to make you forget memories you never wanted to even keep. Would it make life better or worse?  The film Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind by French director Michel Gondry is amusing and psychological thriller. It’s about a man name Joel Barish, who tries to erase his former lover Clementine Kruckzynski from ever existing in his life. He does this because he is grief stricken by the fact that Clementine had erased him first without even telling him a word. Joel decides to go to visit Lacuna Inc. and meets with Dr. Howard and has the same surgical procedure done to erase his memory of the relationship from ever existing.  The movie then takes place in Joel mind and catches every memory he had with Clementine. Its starts with them fighting constantly of how they could no longer stand each other then slowly he sees the memories vanish to thin air, making odd for him to understand, however as the memories reach to the beginning of their relationship. He comes across the memories of why he fell madly in love with Clementine in the first place. This makes him want to stop the whole procedure but it’s impossible to do so.  He tries to hold on to the bits of glorious memories he has left with Clementine but he knows when he wakes up clementine will never cross his mind again. Joel realizes though his relationship was crumbling to pieces, he never actually wanted to forget. Every moment Joel had with Clementine had capture a beautiful experience and opens him to new thoughts on life. Joel believed he was better off forgetting Clementine except, in reality he is back where he started. The film shows how mistakes make us. At times remembering mistakes can be painful but in the end we learn from them. When he had the memory become remove, Joel did not realize a whole new part of him would be gone too. When a person encounter a new experience our whole mind and soul changes depending on what they feel. Joel was committing suicide by just erasing a part of his life. It’s as if he just wasted a whole time doing nothing with his life and Joel did go back to his disappointing, dull and usual life when the procedure was finish. He woke to the same life he dislike and started on the same path. Near to the end of the film Joel and Clementine do end up finding out they were once together and knowing what really happen with their relationship helps them resolve their problem of whether to move on or stay together.


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