Downgrade or Upgrade by Nico del Junco

1 Dec

For this weeks Weekly Reader assignment, I picked an article that talks about the company known as Apple. They are expected to host an event on October 23; the purpose is mostly to introduce their new product, iPad mini. Apple’ goal for this product is to make it even more convenient for customers, yet it will still be able to compete with other companies. I think the main reason for making the product smaller is so that people who just want the iPad for reading, will have a smaller, cheeper product to do so. Analysts recorded the screen to be “7.85 inches”, and the product “fits perfectly in ones hands and their jackets”. Apple is creating a revolutionary product in hopes to get their stock back to its record breaking highs it was a year ago. Unfortunately, with making this product, there are high areas of risk. Not that many people are going to buy a downgraded version of an iPad, because that would be pointless. So the tricky part is managing a price that will influence the buyer to make a purchase, even though this product is nearly a shadowed product.

I picked this article because it shows how these companies have become such monopolies. If they begin losing money, they just make the same product, but with some alterations, then sell it for millions. These monopolies, like Apple, have destroyed industries such as portable navigation systems as well as destroyed stores such as Barnes and Nobles and Borders. Although I think it is interesting how one product can bring in an immense amount of profit, even if it is the same, consumers still pay the price. So the question the buyer should ask is, do I want the buy a smaller product and downgrade, or do I want to pay the difference and upgrade to a bigger model.


One Response to “Downgrade or Upgrade by Nico del Junco”

  1. Kevin Hayden December 2, 2012 at 4:52 am #

    Nico, I agree with you, it seems like they are always trying to change it up. Many people are tricked with the idea of a new product but don’t play in the part where it may not be better.

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