Digital Over Traditional by Cang Nguyen

1 Dec

In recent years there has been a rise in the online industry. Companies are selling products on their websites that can be digitally transferred to the consumer, such as video games, books, and music. This form of distribution is becoming more and more popular with many companies and consumer alike. There are many reasons why digital copies can be better than physical copies, but the main reasons are that they cost less to produce and distribute, they are easier to distribute, and they are more convenient for the consumer.

Digital products are cheaper to produce and distribute than physical copies. Before, companies had to pay tons of money to mass produce their products, pay retailers to sell them, pay to ship them, etc. With digital distribution, companies don’t have to worry about any of that cutting the costs significantly. Any company that can digitally distribute already does and other companies are trying to find ways to distribute online.

Digital products are easier to distribute than physical. With digital distribution, companies cut out the middle man of the retailer companies. As aforementioned, companies that can digitally distribute don’t need to pay retailer companies. Certain companies can send their products directly over the internet. It allows for people to get the products faster and will want to keep buying the company’s products. Digital distribution gets products out to the public extremely faster than any traditional distribution service.

Digital distribution is much more convenient for the consumer than traditional distribution. Being able to buy products online from the comfort of our homes was a comfort that people could only enjoy within the last decade. Startring few years ago, people can now buy products online and get it instantly rather than wait for weeks for their products to arrive in the mail. Also, with the use of the internet, people can access their products on any computer in the world.

Still, with all the benefits of digital distribution, there are still repercussions. For instance, with growing digital sales, retail companies are being hurt as their industries are slowly edging towards complete digital distribution. Yet, many consumers still prefer the physical products over digital products. Fortunately, industries see this and complete digital distribution is still decades away if not at all.

As the internet has progressed, digital distribution is showing to become more popular than traditional distribution. There are many reasons why it is, but mainly because they are cheaper to produce, they are easier to distribute, and they are more convenient for the consumer. Even though there are downsides to digital distribution, the idea is still a promising advancement. As future progresses, digital distribution has the potential to completely change the way people purchase products.


3 Responses to “Digital Over Traditional by Cang Nguyen”

  1. Nicholas Wagenseller December 3, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    I myself enjoy using stores to purchase things. I believe they are more effecient in their way of getting the product to you. Also, shipping costs can be a hassle. All in all, it was a great essay to read and it was also interesting.

  2. Dan Thomas December 3, 2012 at 4:12 am #

    This paper gives a lot of good information and examples showing why digital distribution has involved into what it is now. As I look at digital distribution it is usually easier I agree that you dont have to spend money on shipping the product or pay for packaging to keep it safe and you dont have yo wait a few days to get what you want you can just pay download or view whatever you got which is cool

  3. Spencer Bowen December 3, 2012 at 6:00 am #

    Digital distribution can be a hassle and at the same time the best thing ever. Shipping and handling costs should have to be paid for since you are buying the product from their industries.

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