Cyber bulling by Ily Gonzalez

1 Dec

I hear on the news a lot or on the internet of a teenager causing suicide over being bullied over the internet. In high school you see it a lot in school, people are so mean to some kids just because there “different” or what not. It’s sad what teenagers have become nowadays. It seems to me that people have more “guts” to say hurtful things over internet versus in person, dumb fights start for no apparent reason and people’s feelings get hurt all over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and other websites teenagers use.

Cyber bulling is real and serious, there is this one movie called “Cyber bulling” and it portrays an innocent girl who gets picked on and tormented be the popular girl over the internet and at school. The innocent girls name is Taylor and it all starts when she gets a laptop for her birthday. Right when she gets it she makes a profile on this popular website at her school, similar to Facebook, where people can write statuses, post pictures, and write on other people’s walls, and she starts talking to this random guy, who seems to be very interested in her.  One day her little brother hacks her profile by posting an inappropriate status and that’s where the problems escalate. Everyone at school starts calling her a “slut and a whore”. By towards the ending of the movie it got so bad that she tried to commit suicide. I really like this movie and I think everyone should watch it. It shows what can really happen if you bully someone over the internet, it can hurt them just as much as in person.

I also seen many cyber bullying videos on YouTube, the videos show the girls crying and sharing there story about people bullying them and calling them names for no reasons and just making their lives miserable. I see the most sad videos and posts on Tumblr though; the videos show the girls saying that they are done living and saying their goodbyes to the world. Most even show there cuts and bruises of what they had done to themselves. That’s how serious bullying and cyber bullying gets, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, words do hurt. It hurts you mentally, which is actually worse than being hurt physically.

I cannot stand bullies because usually bullies are people who are not happy with themselves, so they hurt other people for their own satisfaction. If you ever see someone bullied in any way always try to help out or tell someone.  I have told a bully off because they were making fun of someone because they just look different. It does not make sense to me to make fun of someone just because they look different, like let them be, the way they look has nothing to do with you and do not forget the golden rule: Treat people how you want to be treated.


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