Controversial Racism by Daley Turner

1 Dec

In our present time people display many random acts of racism against those of color. Although this concern remains a widely spread problem, a focus of the issue can be located in soccer. Soccer today exists as one of the most popular sports in the world, but mostly throughout Europe. The game consists of players all around the world which also means that there is a diverse population of soccer players. Therefore, there are many instances where controversy arises between people of color and those who oppose those individuals.

In a recent article, two very highly remarked soccer players, John Terry and Anton Ferdinand, started a confrontation at a game between their two teams, Chelsea and West Bromich Albion. These players are from the same nation, England, and they both play on the same national team. The problem that occurred during the match that they played was that John Terry rudely said a provocative racial term for an African American person at Anton Ferdinand, who comes from an African American heritage. This term that was projected toward Anton Ferdinand became an ordeal that the soccer association desperately needed to resolve before there was an intolerable amount of press leaking false information on the situation. Although not many people believed that the circumstance was an immense problem, John Terry ended up receiving a ban from playing in the next few weeks due to the unnecessary comment towards Anton Ferdinand. People who say racial comments that are derogatory to those individuals are more than likely susceptible to punishment because racism is not tolerated in many communities as is the soccer community. The soccer community in Europe tries protect their high standard and quality of playing the game to its full capacity, but they encounter dilemma of racism which in turn lead to controversial predicaments.


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