Conspiracy or Truth by Jalyssa Sanchez

1 Dec

We the people elected to have a government, because we thought it was a must. We felt that the government would control the system of things and keep everything under control. We need a system that we could trust and be about the people and for the people. When that trust was broken, and when secrets started to be disclosed has remained unknown. That trust that we desire to have with our government is slim and has vanished due to many events. One event is the conspiracy about how the government was injecting people with a so called hepatitis B, but it was actually a virus called HIV which targeted the immune system. What they wanted to accomplish with this deadly vaccine was to kill off some of the population due to over population in our country. It specifically targeted two groups which were the African American race and homosexuals this was to wipe out their kind. more than 70% of Aids cases worldwide are black people also Homosexuals. It was an issue that the government had against the African Americans many say it was because the government was upset that slavery was over. From 1979 to 1981, the U.S. initiated a government-sponsored vaccine experiment for hepatitis B , Using homosexuals and black males for testing . As people say they used them as “Guinea pigs.” Many people believe that government does test on the population without us knowing. HIV is just one of the reasons for a number of reasons to not trust our government. It has killed many people and it continues to spread. The government has done so much without our knowledge. Who really knows what else they are up to that we do not approve of . It has gone from a government “of the people” to a government of the secrets!


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