Church Bombing Kills Few and Wounds Many by Quauhtli Garcia-Brindis

1 Dec

During the morning of October 28, 2012 somewhere in northern Nigeria there was a bombing. The bombing occurred at a Roman Catholic Church in Nigeria. This explosion was caused by a suicide bomber who drove a truck that was filled with explosives right into a church. The bombing was reported to have caused the deaths of eight people. It was also reported that more than one hundred other people were injured. No one is sure yet who is to be held responsible for this bombing, but Nigerian officials are claiming that this attack was very similar to other attacks done by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram. This radical group is also known for other attacks on other churches, schools, security forces and institutions. This group is held accountable for thousands of killings. This radical group is doing this to try to create an Islamic state within Nigeria.

Witnesses who spoke to the reporters claimed to have seen the suicide bomber driving the truck straight at the side of the packed church. They also said that the explosion of the truck not only killed and injured people, but it also caused damage to most of the surrounding buildings. After the explosion there were many Christians who enraged and they ran into the streets arming themselves with knives and sticks to try and seek revenge on the Muslims. The local police are trying to calm down the people whom live in the areas that are most likely to have reprisal attacks.


One Response to “Church Bombing Kills Few and Wounds Many by Quauhtli Garcia-Brindis”

  1. Drew Primrose December 3, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    This is eye-opening on how destructive and powerful these radical groups can be. No matter how much effort their local police put into fighting the extremes, the popularity of extremists will always override the basic local protection because of the unknown group members and the enterprises that support them financially.

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