Child Abuse by Marc Gil

1 Dec
Elizabeth Escalona, mother to Jocelyn Cedillo, beat her daughter into a coma and glued her hands to the wall of their apartment. The prosecutor originally offered 45 years but when Escalona pleaded guilty for her crime she was given 99 years in prison for injury to child. This act is atrocious, a child hit for not being able to be potty trained is terrible parenting. A beaten child is a horrific sight to behold, especially if the mother has other children in the house to witness such a sight. The children experiencing the catastrophe would be shocked and traumatized in the near future, and long term effects could be plastered into their minds. Jocelyn in particular could remember this experience, and possibly have adverse psychological effects develop throughout her life. The children might develop some trust issue after going through this ordeal.
            Jocelyn’s experience is but one of many in the US . The amount of time it takes to confess that they have been abused could take between months or years. By the time they tell their story, the individual could retain unpleasant psychological effects for their state of mind. How society developed this issue is unnerving to think about, since the majority of afflicted people are only innocent, helpless victims. A small number of crimes consist of abuse towards child, handicap, and elderly which is normally kept hidden behind closed doors. It is difficult to remove the inferiority complex of certain individuals when they have  to cater to another person’s whims. The story is probably only just begun, as many people are too intimidated or scared to deal with their problems. In the future, hopefully there will be less crimes and more justice for the innocent and meek.

One Response to “Child Abuse by Marc Gil”

  1. Steven Benitez December 2, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

    This article leaves me speechless. How can a mother do this to her own child. No human being should ever get treated like that or feel that pain. I do believe the child will have some affects in the future and I hope she will do fine. Society needs to see who we need to speak up on these kind of crimes to help the victims of these horrible acts.

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