Cheer Is a Sport by Julie Garcia

1 Dec

There have been a lot of debates on the topic considering cheer being a sport or not. I as a cheerleader do think cheer is a sport. I think anything that you have to compete against another team is considered a sport. There is a fine line between hobbies and sports also. I believe anything with physical activity is a sport. Just like in soccer, basketball and football you play or compete against another team. In golf you compete against another person or maybe more than one person but point is they are your components. I think cheer is just the same as those sports. Cheer isn’t a contact sport but we do compete against other teams to determine who wins. Second and third do get a trophy but first is all that really matters.

In cheer we practice just like any other sport, and we do it a lot, maybe even more than others. I practice with the FHS varsity cheer team on Mondays from 3 to 4, Tuesdays 3 to 5, and 7 to 9, Wednesdays 6 to 8 or 9 and Saturdays 8 to 12 or 7:30 to 11 maybe even 2 to 8. In that time period of practices there is a lot to be done and a lot to do. We stunt girls and it isn’t just simple stunts they are very elite and advanced stunts especially for high school level. These stunts require a lot of focus and good technique to be able to hit the stunt continuously. We tumble which is performing back flips. We also work to improve our individual skills. We learn choreography from our coaches like dances and good motion technique. We stretch for our

Garcia 2

flexibility and for our jumps. We practice half at school in the event center on mats and half at gym made specifically for cheer with spring floors. The gym that we attend has trampolines, and special tools to help with every aspect of cheer that you can think of. The coaches there are also professional cheer leaders that compete in Worlds Cheer Competition held in Orlando, Florida with the many famous teams around the world. They help us in every category of cheer to improve our skills as a team to make us better and help us win it all at nationals. At practice we condition which includes running, sit ups, pushups, burpies, up downs, leg lifts, jump squats, and jumping jacks. These exercises help us strengthen our stamina and to make stunting, dancing, tumbling and jumps easier when we are performing them in our competition routines.

Cheer is the most dangerous sport in the world. I as a cheerleader can understand why, others cannot. Cheer is just like any other sport we are a team we compete against others. We practice hard and long. My whole life revolves around cheer it may look easy but let me tell you it is not. I think cheer leaders should be shown a lot more respect in society especially at Foothill. No one respects the cheer leaders and doesn’t think we do anything besides jump around in short skirts and wave pom poms around. Which is what we are stereotyped for but, they don’t know the full story behind our team and what we really do.


5 Responses to “Cheer Is a Sport by Julie Garcia”

  1. Mirka Salado December 1, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    I completely agree with my classmate Juliana Garcia. There is a lot people do not know about the cheerleading world and you explained it in absolute detail. People should really understand what we do and where we come from, so I appreciate the way you described it in your entry.

  2. Aubree Espinoza December 1, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    I too am a foothill cheerleader and completely agree with Julie’s entry, not only because cheer has been viewed as just us girls dancing around and being peppy when that is not the case. A lot of people have agreed that cheer is a sport and its by far the most dangerous sport there is.

  3. Georgina Lopez Aragon December 2, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    I agree with you with everything you have said cheerleading isn’t an easy sport that anyone could do. just because people think they do nothing else but dance it doesn’t make it a sport but that is not true.

  4. Kiana Griffith December 2, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    I agree with every point that you made in your paper. There is a lot of hard work that goes into cheerleading and every member of the team must work to improve in many different aspects of cheerleading; like flexibility, stunting, tumbling, dancing, endurance, and overall technique. Being that I was on the Foothill team last year and all of my prior high school years, I understand the difficulty that the sport holds and the time and occasional pain that is put into a day of practice.

  5. karen urquidez December 3, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    i am not a cheer leader anymore but i can still agree with this! there is so much that goes into cheer than some people may think. cheer is not just jumping and clapping.

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